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The Duct Truck

Let The Duct Truck Help You

Don’t let your vents blow dust, pet hair, mold spores, and other yucky things into your room. The professionals at Servco Inc will send the Duct Truck and Skipper over to fully clean out your duct work and have you breathing in clean air again!

Expert Duct Cleaning Services

•  New homes or move in cleanings

•  After renovations

•  Annual cleanings

•  Power vac 16x more powerful than furnace fan

•  “Skipper” high-pressure air washer

•  Reduce allergens and dust

•  Clean out microscopic dust particles

•  Get rid of mold spores

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Mention this website and get 10% off any duct cleaning service from the professionals at Servco Inc. Don’t spend another day breathing in all that dirt!

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