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Ductless Heat Pumps for Custom Comfort

Ductless mini-split systems are a great solution to a wide variety of installation challenges, giving contractors the ability to put air conditioning (and heat with heat pump models) in locations that previously seemed impossible. They’re ideal when installing duct work is difficult, prohibitively expensive, or simply impractical. Both residential and commercial structures, new construction and existing buildings are candidates for mini-splits.


Basically, a mini-split does away with the need for duct work. Like a regular split system A/C or heat pump, the condenser is located outdoors; one or more air handlers are placed indoors. The two are connected by electrical and refrigerant lines that run through a small hole in an exterior wall, generally 3” in diameter or less. That room can be kept at a temperature and humidity level different from the rest of the house or building.  


In short, anywhere it's important or desirable to individualize temperature zones, use a mini-split system.   They have the flexibility to fit virtually anywhere and they’re economical to operate.


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